Just three gals, always hate posing (haha).

The second leg of The Girls Uninterrupted tour was up in the big smoke, and we were pumped for a big day with a great crew of listeners – some even driving down from Whangarei for it!

We had made the decision that the chief floor manager, Jo Kane had to come on the rest of the tour given how helpful she was in Christchurch. She again, didn’t disappoint and was furiously missioning around Wynyard Pavilion drawing questions out of the guests for the “question bowl” (different to the keys in the bowl scenario). Boy, there were some rippers (and they stay in the what-goes-on-tour-stays-on-tour vault)! Gracie had some added nerves as her Mum, Step-Mum and Mother-in-Law were ALL there, but she absolutely nailed it – and it was such an honour to meet them all.

The wonderful Jo Kane holding down the floor like a boss, and Gracie’s Mum squad!

Champagne Lanson was a beautiful addition to the day, plus Wynyard Pavilion’s delicious canapes including the most epic chicken nibbles (think I had eight) really helped proceedings.

Congratulations to Clare Healey who won the $740 Me Today Skin and Supplement Package – which she was delighted with!

The epic Wynyard Pavilion ready with Champagne Lanson.
It was a great afternoon, and I even decided that it would absolutely be appropriate to go to the pub afterwards in my very subtle, low key Coop Trelise Cooper Suit – which went down a treat!
The Girls Uninterrupted – Gracie, Caitlin, Brodie.

Thanks to Lisa-Marie for our beautiful make-up that day, and Tui Greer for capturing all the awesome moments. It was a truly special day. X

By Brodie Kane