Brodie Kane running
Hands up if you’ve been feeling out of sorts and need an upper-cut to get you back on track?

I’m acutely aware that we are in weird times – I mean, how do we even describe 2020 anymore? What more is it going to throw at us? We’re bound by Alert Levels and closed borders and we’re at the mercy of a nasty virus that has no plans of going away anytime soon. We are acting in a way to protect and save people’s lives from COVID-19. But also, people are losing their jobs, livelihoods, businesses and we all face so much uncertainty and yet I for one don’t know what the alternative option is? Lives always must come first.

I know in particular, the second lockdown for the people of Auckland has been particularly hard. I have been thinking of you all a lot! This is doing weird things to our minds. Someone asked our podcast The Girls Uninterrupted last night, “how do we stay sane with all this going on?”. I said I don’t think you have to necessarily try to stay “sane”, you just simply have to get through each day. The wonderful Clinical Psychologist Jacqui Maguire talks about looking after yourself first and foremost. She says often the things we tend to worry about or feel anxious about more are the things that are the least in our control. So, like I say, if you can get through the day, focus on what you can control, that will help.

Brodie at Les Mills
What can I control? Making sure I exercise regularly because it makes me feel good.

But I’m bringing the honesty stick out here. Because I certainly feel that personally, I have allowed myself behaviours to creep in that in fact do not help me get through the day. I have become accustomed to using these “weird times” as an excuse to do the things I tell myself make me feel better.

I use these “weird times” to drink more. I use these “weird times” to indiscriminately spend. I use these “weird times” to procrastinate. I use these “weird times” to chuck on trackpants and watch shit tele instead of going for a run. I use these “weird times” in my daily life because THEY ARE WEIRD TIMES. But enough already! Now is the time for an upper-cut to pull myself back into a place where I am actually doing what’s best for me in these “weird times”. Cos the status quo ain’t. I’m not saying a gin, or a binge watch of  ‘Selling Sunset’ isn’t part of these “weird times” but I feel that chucking a cocktail of these behaviours together is in fact having the opposite effect I desire to get through the day. So I can either keep telling myself that sure, in the “right now” it’s making me feel better and I’m allowed because you know “weird times” and all that, but I think I’m done with that. 

Brodie Kane in Kaikoura
My upper-cut will involve actually focusing on looking after my body and mind more.

So yes, I am administering that upper-cut. No more excuses. Do you want to know what it took? Too many gins two nights in a row, a splitting headache for two days, I missed a run and felt angry, disappointed and sorry for myself. Not cool. How is that helping in these “weird times”?!

Often we say to each other “don’t be too hard on yourself”. But sometimes I actually think it’s ok to be hard on myself, so long as it’s in a way that’s acknowledging that I could be doing better for me. I owe it to myself to look after myself a lot better than I have been so that in turn, I am in a much better position to get through the day.

Brodie Kane
So, cutting way back on the booze, getting to bed earlier, sticking to my exercise schedule (I know how much my running/gym routine makes me feel better) and tucking into some greens will work bloody wonders – it’s funny, cos it’s certainly not rocket science right!?
Jog on weird times! I’m taking my control back (without a hangover haha).

By Brodie Kane